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Breathe Cleaner Air in your Home or Business with this Custom Sized Air Filter - Change your filter less often than the leading comparable filters. Buy them for your Air Filtration needs only or purchase them in conjuction with our Air Duct Cleaning Services to boost the Best Air Quality Possible in your Home or Business. A Great Aspect of these Filters is the level of filtration you get for a low cost compared to your filters you change every month from your local home supply store.

Custom Air Filters - Home & Business

SKU: 364215375135191
  • Industry Leading Dust & Spore Lock Layer Filter Material. This Dust Lock Technology locks dust, allergens, and pet dander away, so it does not circulate throughout your Home or Business. MERV 9 Protection. Cleaner air means you can Breathe easier, Save $Money and Dust Less!!! Contact A-Steam for any Questions or Appointment Information you may have. This Item includes 7 Precut Filters to replace with each 2-4 months following initial application as neccessary.


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